Description and distribution of Cynosaurus suppostus (Therapsida, Cynodontia) form the Late Permian of the Karoo Basin.

Comparative description of the postcranium of Procynosuchus a late Permian cynodonts from Africa.

Description of the postcranium of the basal anomodont, Anomocephalus africanus form the Middle Permian of South Africa.

Highlighting differences in the cranial morphological between largest cynodonts: Diademodon and Cynognathus. Diet as a guide to differentiate the skull of cynodonts.

Highlighting cranial morphological differences between Early Triassic cynodonts Thrinaxodon and Diademodon.

Cynognathus and Diademodon: searching differences in basal eucynodonts postcranium.

Comparison of the postcranium of advanced cynodonts tritheledontids and tritylodontids.

Changes in the morphology of the humerus in mammal-like reptiles.

Morphofunctional reconstruction of gomphodont dentition.


           Specimens from the Rubidge collection, South Africa